Elements is a 15,000 sqm collaboration space for the businesses, leaders, and change-makers who are truly building for the future. Join our innovation clusters, move into our workspaces, or host your next event. Welcome to the temple for sustainable innovations at scale.

Those Who Are Already with Us

Innovation clusters

Become a member of an innovation cluster focusing on solving one of today’s most important questions.


Move into a flexible and modern office at the heart of Stockholm’s innovation district. 


Host your next event or conference for your clients, partners or team.

Change Happens Faster and Smarter When We Innovate Together

We believe that we need a plan for the future and that we need to see more innovations that are having a real positive impact on humans, our societies, and the planet. We believe that we need to look at both sustainability and society from all angles and that we need to put them in context with some of today’s most challenging questions and latest technologies. We believe that the majority of all innovations within a certain area are of common interest and that if we align our efforts, share our costs, and are generous with our knowledge, the overall impact will be much greater. We also believe that we make this happen by supporting humans to work together and providing a physical space where we can interact with each other. 

Located at the heart of Stockholm’s innovation district, Elements is a collaborative space for those who have the muscles, knowledge, and power to make a difference and drive sustainable innovations at scale.

The Pioneers

Today’s top impact companies and most influencing individuals working towards a change for a better future.

The Clusters

Clusters of companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs innovating together around today’s most important questions defining the future.

The Heavyweights

The big players with the muscles to have impact at scale. When they change, the world changes.

The supporters

From politicians to law firms, these are the partners that are key to make the change we need to see happen.


Where You Find Us

Elements is located at Jakobsbergsgatan 24, at the heart of the MOOD-district and Stockholms innovation street. Stop by and say hello or connect with us to the right. 

Jakobsbergsgatan 24, 114 44 Stockholm

Reach out directly to the team

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Celeste Fierro

Head of Operations

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Molly Sellergren

Service Team Lead

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Niklas Marmheden

Service & IT Manager

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Oskar Klingberg

Business Manager

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Amanda Back

Head Of Marketing

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Patrick Mesterton

Co-Founder & CEO

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Pontus Nyberg

Event Manager